Friday, February 19, 2016

Jasper's Building Birthday!

Jasper's birthday is on September 20th. We were actually living with our friends the Millers at the time. So poor Bubba had to wait a while, all the way until Oct. 17th, so that we could get our act together to have his party. Eben's birthday is on October 20th so we thought ready or not, we better have this party before we get all backed up in the birthday process! The good thing is that he chose a building themed party and we just happened to have a gazillion boxes!
The first game we played was a team challenge to see who could build the best building out of their materials. Blocks, logs, stick blocks or Legos. The parents judged and decided that the stick team won.

We got our group photo and ate lunch; "build your own" cashew butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids and soup for the adults.

Then we let the kids loose for some big box building in the newly finished basement. They ended up making a fort where they all had their own "houses" in the walls. Even Tuff got his own box house.

Next we played a game we had played at camp a few years ago where one team tries to build a wall and the other team tries to knock it down. The girl team built their wall faster and won.

We kissed the birthday boy, sung him "Happy birthday" and ate delicious cobbler. 

We played one more game where I hid candy all over and inside the kids' fort (they had built another one) and they mad dashed to find it all. Kind of like a piƱata, but it didn't take as long, and no one got to hit anything.  

Jasper opened his presents and felt loved. It was a good day!

Jasper you are such a joy to have in this family. You are encouraging, exciting and eager to do most anything. You do love to build. There is no material you cannot build with. You are Mr. Outgoing and have tons of friends because you make everyone feel like your best friend. You are amazing at math, working hard at reading and spelling and probably wish that drumming and dance were school subjects. You are very precise about certain things, your bed has to be made before you sleep in it. You like a certain order. You cannot be distracted from a task once you begin it. You love doing cartwheels (to your brother's dismay), shorts, and Arnold (your hair). You are still loud, but we don't care, because your so super cute. We love you! We love how you love others and love God and can't wait to see what you build for Him out of your life. Happy 9th Birthday, Bubba!

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