Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Boys to Men

Oct. 2nd - Cutie "Bobby" Boys
Tuff calls Coal his "Bobby" or "Bobby Co" and he loves him so much. He's an amazing big brother. 

Oct. 3rd - 6th We worked for a second weekend on cutting down the largest box hedges in history so we could widen our view of the lake and make room for a shed.

Oct. 10 - 11th Eben's Man Trip with Dada

Kivi was convinced that Dada was going to leave Eben alone to fend for himself in the great outdoors  to prove his manhood and she wanted to do it too. So she talked her siblings into spending the night outside on the trampoline. It was freezing. Opal and Berg came inside around 10pm but Kivi, Jasper and Pella lasted the whole night in the cold!! Little did she know, Eben and Dada came home and saw them out there, but they slept in the warm house!

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