Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting!

We love cutting down our own tree for Christmas, a tradition Peter and I have kept since our first Christmas in our little Pearl Street home. The first two years we went with Peter's brother's family and illegally chopped down a tree in the middle of the wilderness. All seven of us crammed into our small Colt Vista and some how made it back down the mountain with 2 trees on the roof. God taught us a lesson about stealing -  ALL of the needles fell off the tree before Christmas! After that we hacked our trees down honestly. We now pay for them, usually at Hunter's.  
For the past 7 years (excluding 2004 - I had to work) we have rounded up our HFG friends and made a group outing of it. Afterwards, we all go to pizza. What a way to end a great hunt!

Here's our collection of trees we've hunted over the years:







I wish I could find pictures from before 2002, but they weren't digital - so alas, they're lost somewhere.  
Wow - I just realized I've had that white hat for a really long time!

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Crystal said...

I love your pictures through the years.... It seems like almost every year there is another kid:) Merry Christmas!