Monday, December 15, 2008

The Johnson's Top Chef Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving was hilarious! No one in our family is a gourmet chef, but we decided to have a cooking competition anyway. Peter and I watch Top Chef every week, so I thought it would be fun to video tape the whole day and make our very own episode.  Everyone had to create their own Thanksgiving dish and have it ready by 5:30pm. We had a lot of fun making the bios and the having everyone in the kitchen at once. Mimi didn't know what to do with herself, because she's always been the one in the kitchen making a majority of the dishes. We called her the "saboteur" since she couldn't help herself and kept fiddling with everyone's food. The end result was a really funny memory! In retrospect, we should have judged the food at the end instead of one at a time, it made eating a little less pleasurable and way more stressful. But hey, it was a competition!

Here's a run down of what everyone made:
Peter - Turkey      Abby - Pumpkin Apple Soup      Poppie - Grean Bean Casserole      Nonnie - Marshmellow Salad      Dodie - Bacon Cheddar Crustini      Buggy - Mashed Potatoes      Mimi - Corn Pudding      Grandma & Grandpa - Chocolate Tier

You'll have to watch to see who won!

So, here's the Johnson's Top Chef Thanksgiving (Yes, it's long.):


Crystal said...

That was awesome! Good job with the interviews, I was laughing the whole time. What a great memory to have!

Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

You guys are hilarious! Insane, but hilarious!

Steve & Sarabeth said...

Oh, man, that was too funny. Shannon and your grandma, especially. I like the new layout, by the way!