Friday, December 26, 2008

December Favorites Part 2

On with the traditions!

Christmas calendars - the tasty way to count down to Jesus' birthday! Grandma always gets them for Peter and the kids - a tradition Peter had when he was little.

Making Christmas cookies. This year Peter was super smart and bought us pre-made dough. How ingenious! It saved us tons of time and mess.

"The Anatomy of a Gingerbread Bubba" Starring Kivi

Telling and telling and retelling the nativity story. We have this awesome activity in a box called "What God Wants For Christmas" that we do at least every other day in December. The kids LOVE it. But this day they were acting it out live. Jasper and his 'bubby"were Joseph, Kivi was Mary, Eben was an angel (yes, those are diaper wings, he's very resourceful) and Opie played the part of baby Jesus laying in a laundry basket.

Opening one present on Christmas Eve. It's always our matching Christmas jammies and one year I'm sure they'll figure out that's what it's always going to be, but so far - it's been a surprise every year! This was a tradition passed on from when my mom was little, but I added the Mama and Dada matching jammies to the mix.

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