Friday, December 26, 2008

New December Fun!

These are some things I would love to add to our tradition list. I know we shouldn't have too many or it will get overwhelming, but they're all so much fun!

Peter took Eben, Kivi and I to a local production of The Nutcracker. The kids loved it, but Kivi asked 20 times during the show if she could go dance with the pretty girls. Afterward, we let them dance on the stage. Everyday since she has been practicing twirls, spins and her "a woe bess".

We finally went to a living nativity!! Something I've been wanting to do forever. Grandma and Grandpa told us about the "Journey 2 Bethlehem" in Auburn on Dec. 7, so we went that night. (Good thing too, cause the one we planned on going to in Federal Way was cancelled because of snow.) They only have it for 3 days, so it was quite crowded. We had to wait 3 1/2 hours to go through! The kids did awesome waiting that long and they had videos, singers and instrumentalists while we waited.  Peter was the biggest complainer of the night, but even he was impressed once we went through. We saw everything on our journey - live camels, sheep and donkeys, wise men, prophets, lepers, beggers, Roman soldiers, shepherds, flying angels, and a live baby Jesus. The moment I saw him I started tearing up. It was emotional, and so real. I'm ready to wait 4 hours next year.

Eben getting a real shekel (well, not really, but it looks and feels like it) I spent mine on some wool and unleavened bread at the market. Everyone else kept theirs.

A woman at the market selling olives (so you can see the authenticity of this place).

Eating snow treats with real snow! Just one of the things we did with our abundance of snow this year. Obviously we can't keep this as a permanent addition to our traditions, but if it snows we will.


Deb said...

Hi there! We went to the same Nativity deal-e-o and loved it! The guards freaked Hope out.. she still says remember when we went to Bethlehem... remember those mean guards.. I don't like them. So, I"d like to keep it a tradition here too... hopefully one that won't scar the kids :-) It was great!

Mashel said...

I am glad that you finally got to go to a living Nativity. I know you have wanted to do that forever. I didn't get to do much in the way of tradtions this year, since I was recovering. I didn't even get out in the snow, but that is ok, I don't really like snow anyways. Allen and the kids had fun in it.

Shannon Tague said...

ok, i would have spent my shekel on the olives. those look GOOOOD.

Anonymous said...

3 1/2 hours is a long time to wait. Good job being patient! It sounds like it was worth the wait. Remember when we took you to a live nativity when you were little? Love, Nonnie