Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chrismas Eve 2010

Our new little Christmas Eve tradition is to attend the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service together as a family. Not that we need more tradtions - I usually tend to go overboard on traditions, but being all together in "big church", holding a candle and passing the light to those around you is such a rich and meaningful one. Plus, as the older the kids understand the meaning of Christ's birth, I pray the importance of sharing His love will become precious to them and they will be able to understand the symbolism of passing the candlelight.
The girls and I wore matching skirts and a dress that my mamacita made out of all of my Papa's old ties.

Jasper, Dada, and Pastor Jim are especially excited about getting to hold the candles. I also look forward to the time when our kids will be able to sit quietly and still during the service, although I still struggle with that as well. Sitting still is not what God designed me for. I can actually hear the sermon better when I'm fiddling with something. My hands must move! Actually Kivi and Berg did great. But the boys were busy and every time Opal heard a familiar name like "Mary" or "Joseph" or "Jesus" she would get excited and exclaim, "Mama, he just said Mary!"

When we got home we went straight to the tree to find the white presents with the gold bows! Now almost all of them know there will be Christmas jammies inside. But what they look like is still a surprise.
Mama and Dada posing like Mary and Joseph with our new Chrismas jammies.

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Tiffany Nevil said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha! I love Ops...she's so adorable.