Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Embassy Suites Thanksgiving

Our kids are thankful for 2 main things on Thanksgiving: swimming and elevators! This year we got even smarter and only drove to Tukwila to stay at Embassy Suites, our favorite hotel, for our crazy Thanksgiving tradition. We love it. Free food for breakfast, lunch (which we make out of the free breakfast) and dinner (the manager's special). All the kids want to do is walk (well, they'd really want to run and yell, but we don't let them) around and around the top level or swim. The pool at this one was soooo warm, even I wanted to swim the whole time. The kids clung onto Peter and I the entire time. Grandma and Grandpa were so sweet and watched Berg. Eben was swimming back and forth across the pool in his own style of doggie paddle, while Kivi tried with all her might to swim the "right way". If we weren't watching close enough I'm sure she would've drown about 5 times. But man, she wouldn't give up! She can now freestyle swim while taking 2 breaths.
In the pool, where we spent the whole Thanksgiving weekend.

We mainly had the pool all to ourselves!

Thanksgiving dinner! A complete spread all warmed up in the microwave.

I'm thankful for our family!

End of the night movie watching on the pull-out couch.

Chlorine-eyed Eben lost his front tooth in the pool! He hid it under his pillow, but in the morning his tooth was still there! Now we know that the tooth fairy can't get into your room if you're staying in a hotel. Thank you Embassy Suites for keeping us and our teeth so safe! Don't worry the tooth fairy found Eben's tooth the next night at our own house.


Cedar said...

Good to have your I-photo working so we can see pictures again!

Tiffany Nevil said...

HA! I don't remember seeing pictures of the big hotel Thanksgiving adventure in the past, even though I'm sure they are there. Too fun!