Sunday, February 20, 2011

Christmas 2010!

Christmas Day 2010 was wonderful and relaxing. Grandma and Grandpa got to our house early in the morning. We started off celebrating Christ's birth by singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and blowing out the candles on the 4 layer pumpkin carmel cake I was determined to finally make. It was so delicious!

Then we read Luke chapter 2 - the story of Christ's birth. We ichat with Poppie and Nonnie all Christmas day - it's our view into their living room that's on the computer in the background.

We opened stockings next. Opal was so funny, she kept taking out a present and without unwrapping it she'd say, "Oh, look at this one!" and then take another one out of her stocking.

After breakfast of traditional Swiss eggs on toast, we opened presents. The kids all bought each other presents with Dada from the Dollar Tree. Kivi made Berg a special little quilt.

Mama made Kivi a quilt for her bed. I've only been working on it for 2 years!

Dada got some steel toed rubber boots. This is him showing them off. Don't worry he's not having a baby.

The "big present" to the kids at the end of Dada's scavenger hunt this year was an indoor play room. The rings, hammock, ladder and swing are all attached from the ceiling. One of their first clues was in their room before Dada hooked everything up, so when they went back in there at the end they were surprised. Plus we told them that the hooks Peter put in the ceiling days before we for the structure of our home.

Uncle Chris, Auntie Tonya and the girls came over and we all had Peter's turkey for lunch and opened more presents.

Opal got a little baby she named Flower, who came with a bottle. She decided to breastfeed Flower and feed the bottle to Berg at the same time. She's gonna be such a talented mama.

Bergie's first Christmas picture in the big stocking.

All my babies lined up by the tree. Happy birthday, Jesus!

Here's a video of the kids finding the end of the scavenger hunt on Christmas day:


Tiffany Nevil said...

yahooo! you've made it to Christmas! I'm so excited to see the blog almost up to date! I love it!

Cute jammies this year by the way.

Unknown said...

you always find a way to crack me up... LOL by the way did you make all those pj pants yourself or did you order matching ones from somewhere. AWESOME idea!!!!! and BERG well, he is way too precious! he fits right into your family. just as adventurous as the rest of you. you can tell in her mischievous innocent grin. :)