Thursday, February 17, 2011


The kids constructed their own sleigh and dressed up as Santa (Eben), Mrs. Santa (Kivi), and an Elf (Jasper) day after day. A new concept, seeing as how we don't even talk about Santa that much. I think they were enthralled with the idea of a flying contraption.

As soon as we sold the sectional and ottoman, Mama and Dada's bed got moved out into the living room and Peter and Poppie got started on the boy's triple bunks on Dec. 9th!

The kids and Mama constructed 5 little houses out of gingerbread. I loved this cute little pattern I found online this year. They were simple so I added chimneys and dormers but they were just the right size.

The kids had so much fun at the Schocks house loading their houses up with muticolored confections. (And eating the sweets too.)

The kids, making silly faces.

The finished product! The boys pose with Dada on their new bunks all built, sanded, stained and ready to sleep on! Well, not Berg yet, he sleeps in his bassinet under the shelves to the left. Eben is on the very top and Jasper is in the middle. And they do have a side board so they don't roll out.

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