Monday, February 7, 2011

Harvest Carnival at LC3!

Well, what better way to say thanks to God and our little bees for the one thing we did harvest this year, (neither the garden nor the chickens turned out to produce for us in 2010) than to dress up like our little workers! This year proved to be difficult for picking a family theme, something I really love, because a certain growing boy wanted to pick his own costume. No! This came way to soon! He decided we could all do the bee theme so long as he got to be a beekeeper. The rest of the kids could care less, they just love dressing up! I found all of the bee costumes at the same Value Village on the same trip (even my adult one) all used, so they were extra cheap!
Two of these bees would rather be eating some honey, or cotton candy, which they were handing out in the next room.

Big Beekeeper Dada and Baby Bee Berg. Babe, you're the cutest apiarist ever!!

Meeting up with Grandma and Grandpa while playing all the carnival games in the gym.

Go kids go! - Win more candy! Pick Twix and 3 Muskateers, so Mama can eat them later!

This year, we let them do the whole spead the candy around, trade away the kinds you don't want and eat as much as you can for five whole minutes thing right after we got home. A new and crazy treat! And yep, they still went to bed. A great night of old fashioned, harvest celebrating the Northwest way - warm and dry - indoors.

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Tiffany Nevil said...

way to make use of those bee suits :D