Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our 10 Year Old Gets a Minecraft Birthday!

Our baby is a decade! Yep, Eben turned ten! It's still hard to believe we've had him for that long.
Some pre- birthday fun things he got to do:
Surprise kidnapping by ninjas, Dodie and Mr. Steve, along with Jasper for his birthday also, to build with Legos and lunch.

Dada finally gave him Harry Potter The Sorcerer's Stone, which he's been waiting until he turned 10 to read and had the whole thing read in a couple days.

Dada also gave him Heelys, which he had told him he was too big for and that they don't make them in his size so he was very surprised and has them mastered already.

 Eben's actual party was at Intel, thanks to Mr. Schock!! He was so excited. Intel is his dream job. He actually wanted a technology birthday party, but I was stumped with that one as far as a party theme goes so I asked if he would want a Minecraft party as a technology party and he said,"YES! I just thought you'd never let me have one!" I don't do commercial parties. But this actually seemed easier and he loves this crazy game.

When everyone first got there we let them roam free and check everything out, the huge sport court, the massage chairs and the video game room, which of course was Eben's favorite. Mr. Shock had pre loaded all the computers with what else...Minecraft!

 Then we gathered for the big Reality Minecraft Game!

Eben put everyone on teams represented by their Minecraft block and they all had to complete many different tasks to get a starburst stone from the treasure chest. Like 20 steps on the climbing wall, 5 jumping jacks, 3 holes of mini golf,...

make 3 baskets and spell Eben's name in Minecraft. 

The kids and adults played and had to protect their Minecraft block from me, the Creeper, who tried to steal it. If I got it I took a starburst from them and their team had to do an activity over again. They had a protector on their team with a sword, which I didn't think through very well and a couple of times got hit pretty hard by some very good protectors! I got pictures of all the teams but one, the grass block team.

But we did get a pic of the grass block cake! Peanut butter, Oreo cookie, mint, and chocolate rice crispy treats made up the dirt and different colors of green fondant became the grass. We had extra so Eben helped me make a Creeper too.

The "Kissing Picture" after the birthday song.

It was the easiest cake to serve, no knife, no plates, no forks - just grab and go!

I had to show the sweet hair bows that Eben made way in advance for all of his sisters to wear at his party. Grass block bows - what a great brother!

 Eben we love you so much! I really can't believe we've gotten to love you for 10 years! (Well, actually more like 11. We loved you when you were our Froggy too.) You are an amazing son and big brother. You have some huge responsibilities and you do them so well. You do a task as soon as you're asked without complaining (usually). You are gifted in so many ways, figuring things out, computers, all things technology related, musically, you are always humming or tapping or something (which sometimes drives us all nuts!), and you're great with babies! You make many people feel loved every day. We love to love you and watch your love for God and others grow! Happy 10th birthday!

Eben actually did an amazing job blogging his birthday.