Friday, November 29, 2013

The First Half of November

 Nov. 3 We were able to use our free Northwest Trek tickets that the kids earned from reading with the summer library program.  We showed up half and hour before the park opened so Eben, Kivi and Jasper perfected they're Heely skills in the parking lot. We were the first ones in, got to see all the animals (they're all awake and walking around in the morning!) and take the first tram of the morning and conquered the whole thing in two hours! I also brought along popcorn balls for a snack which was a huge hit.

Nov. 8 Dada surprised Eben with a keyboard! He's been wanting to learn piano for a long time and Peter decided it was time when he saw this for a good deal at Costco. A keyboard is going to have to work because there's no way a piano is going to fit in our house.

Nov. 9 Poppie and Nonnie stayed with us for a couple of weeks to work on a rental so of course we had to do the traditional "Basket of Presents" Hokie Pokie dance.

Nov. 15 Since it's fall we decided to have Hedgehog Day! We learned how to draw a hedgehog thanks to Jan Brett's wonderful website. I love her artwork. For lunch we made these cutie hedgehog open face sandwiches with peanut butter and honey. The kids decorated them with chocolate chips and made grass and flowers out of their green beans and cranberries.

Hedgehog Day Lunch

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