Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cold 2014 Christmas Tree Hunt

The weekend after Thanksgiving we went to cut down our Christmas tree with a fun group of friends. We went to the same farm we went to last year, The Family Farm in Graham, a family run farm that you give a donation for your tree which goes to buy food for 3rd world countries. They have a fun hay slide in the cow barn that the big kids slid down while the little ones enjoyed the free hot cocoa and cookies.

Soon it was time to load onto the wagon and head out to the trees and it was COLD.

Good thing we got the group photo before we all went our separate directions to find our trees, because by the end of our short time, the little ones were all melting down from being so cold.

Tuff slept through most of his first Christmas Tree Hunting Day. He was all bundled up and kept me warm!

The kids took off in search of the perfect tree and the girls ended up by the bonfire and the boys went on a quest for clean snow for their snow ball.

Every tree looked amazing covered in snow so we picked one that ended up being the right hight, gathered everyone from the far parts of the forest and took our tree picture. Not everyone could manage a smile because of freezing hands and feet. But no one is actively crying in this picture which is what actually happened from this point on for a couple little ones.

Berg and Pella had a rough go and realized they would not last long if left out in nature alone, although they practiced their survival crying so I'm sure they'd be heard and rescued if that ever actually happened.  I'm kidding. They weren't that horrible, but they were glad to be back in the hot cocoa room with heaters and a couch and candies.

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