Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Rest of Tuff's "Birth" Day

Dada introduced Tuff to all the kids outside of the tub after he cut the cord. 

Then the kids all waited patiently on our bed while they took turns holding their new little brother.

They all LOVE him!

Our midwives Dawn and Sarah checked Tuff and got all of his vitals, weight and head size and checked his man parts. He was all good.

Kivi was so careful and ecstatic that she got to put on his first outfit.

 The girls were able to have a fascinating hands on science lesson about the placenta too! Thanks, Dawn. Wow - come to think of it this was quite the homeschooling day!

While they had their lesson, he latched on for the first time like a champ.

Tuff's very first "Kissing Picture"!

Kivi got all the baby boy clothes washed and laid out (all over the living room floor). 

Later in the day Tuff had his first visitors, the Schocks. Kivi and Grace gave Tuff his first present, an owl family, that they sewed themselves!

Look at how much he's changed in just 12 hours! He almost looks like he's smiling! So alert and happy.

Even though they missed the birth as they were driving up from CA, Poppie and Nonnie did get to be there to say, "Happy Birthday" to baby Tuff later on in the evening.

Oh Tuff, we already all love you so much! You are such a blessing and we thank God for giving you to us. 

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