Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Opal's Disneyland Birthday!

We took Opal to Disneyland for her 7th birthday! Each seven year old gets to go to an amusement park instead of having a party. Disney in February on a week day was a great choice! We were the first ones in line since we got there an hour before the park opened. We filled the time with Disney trivia that Buggy printed up for us. We took all the bigs with us. The ones we knew could handle it and not need a nap, or whine, or not keep up with our fast pace. We had one day in Disney and we were going to see it all!

But first we had more waiting to do so we gave our Opie Girl her birthday kiss!

We really were some of the first ones in the gate, even though they told us they weren't going to open the gate we chose to stand in front of, #13, some "friends" we met standing in line let us go in their line. And there was Mickey, just standing there waiting for us to take a picture with him. Even as we took this pic a line of forty people assembled to be the next to snap their picture with the main mouse. Too bad we didn't think to hand the camera off so Dada could've been in it.

We got one with him on Main St.

We did all the big rides in Adventure Land first; Indiana Jones, Pirates, Haunted Mansion and then went to Frontier Land and rode Big Thunder Mountain, the favorite of both me and Opal.

We went around and hit all the big ticket rides in the park while it was still early, went to a Frozen show and then went around and did other rides. I think the longest we had to wait for a ride was about 15 minutes, but most of them we just walked on.

Autotopia always has a line. But you get to drive!! So it's worth it.

We snacked on cheeses, salami, crackers, Hawaiian rolls, grapes and apples which we packed in our backpack all throughout the day instead of stopping for lunch. I got really good at pumping (with my nursing cover!) while standing in line.

In Toon Town, we posed for a family shot in Micky's house and had Goofy all to ourselves.

We stopped for ice cream cones and sang "Happy Birthday" to Opal on Main Street while the parade was going on.

We closed down the park, at 8:00. They don't stay open very late. It was still a full, fun day and our big 7 year old experienced the adventure that is Disneyland. 

Opal, we love you so much. You are strong (in every way!), a great big sister to Berg, Pella and Tuff, helpful to Mama and very creative. You also know what you want and are working hard at letting others have their way. You are still learning to obey right away. You love having sleep overs in the boys' room. You are thoughtful and do a craft or make a card for someone every other day. You love, and act with your whole heart which is wonderful. You are improving in your self-control. You are extremely smart and read wonderfully and are even doing 3rd grade math even though you're only in first grade!! But even if you couldn't even add, we'd love you because God made you just for Him and put you in our family. Right now, you're right in the middle and that's just where He knew you needed to be. You're a natural leader and learning to be a servant. We know you will be used by God to be a great servant-leader to all for Him.

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Wenni Donna said...

I agree that the kiddos love to go to amusement park instead of having a party on their birthdays. That’s why I always reserve the kid’s event locations for my daughter’s birthday. There are always so many things to do and she really enjoys doing those activities with her friends.