Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tuff's Murder Mystery Baby Shower!

We have some wonderfully fun friends! Our beloved friends the Schocks have now thrown us four murder mystery baby showers. (They've thrown one for Opal, Berg and Pella too!) They are the best. 

We don't really need any baby stuff, so having our friends all come dressed up as their character and act out their part is a perfect substitute to gifts. John and Shari really went full out on this party! Besides their new fabulous house which was a perfect setting for the Baroness's estate, they made invitations, wills, birth certificates, auction flags and props, money and even had fake heroine and jewels to smuggle and authentic looking auction items.
Our church friends all dressed up:

Everyone came as their character and tried to stay in character the whole night.

We ate some delicious dinner prepared by Jeeves, aka Chris, and mingled around while we waited for the auction of the dead Baroness to start. 
While we mingled we all had different tasks to perform like buying and selling heroine, purchasing jewels, disclosing or selling information, trying to make the most money and trying to figure out who killed the Baroness. Tuff apparently succeeded in drug dealing. What kind of horrible parents are we??

The auction got underway and we all bid on the items we wanted. I could not bid because right before the auction all of my money was stolen! All that pretend sinning for nothing!
Then we separated into groups and guessed who we thought the murderer was. Don't these guys all look suspicious?
 The real murderer was.... Rebecca! An illegitimate daughter of the Baroness who was sent away to an orphanage at birth she dealt heroine and set up the home security system for the Baroness.

The winners of the evening were Peter, Tyler, Jon and Tung!

It was such a fun, memorable night! I thank God for our little Tuff, unconventional baby showers and exciting and willing friends.

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