Thursday, October 30, 2008

Eben Turns 5!

Eben 1 day old.

Eben 5 years old.

Our first baby turned 5 on October 20th! (Where did the time go?) So we celebrated his big day on October 18th at Rainier View Christian Church. He planned a "Space" party and invited 4 friends because "then I will make it 5 and I'm turning 5". Plus, he wanted a boy party. So he invited his good friends Hunter and Hayden and Jonathan and Isaac.

He was so specific on what he wanted. He told me just how to make the cake, the type of decorations, etc. And we did pretty good, except for the real rocket.

We ate freeze dried fruit, rocket fuel (soda),

and astroid pizza by the light of glow bracelets and space (book) lights.

The kids all took their space lights and went into space (the next room over which was pitch black and Peter set up a fog machine so you couldn't see even with their lights) where they had to find all the glow in the dark planets.

Then we sang "Happy Birthday" ate cake and ice cream and Eben opened his presents! A favorite came from our friend, Mr. Wiley, a dancing robot with a remote.

Happy Birthday Eben!
We can't believe you are already 5! You are an amazing boy. You are a smart, fun, sensitive, kind, helpful, loving, wonderful child of God. And we are so blessed that He put you in our family so we get to love you, help you, raise you, tickle you and hear you laugh!
We love you, Mama and Dada.


Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

I love your creativity with your parties, and I love that they are all tailored to each kid. you inspire me!

Mashel said...

You are doing so good at getting caught up! And digitally scrapbooking each thing too! Good Job! Oh and you have some really great pictures there, who took them? ha ha, I loved that one where I made Eben show me how old he was. Too cute!
Hppy Birthday to you too.

Julie said...

Hey! I'm glad that you found a way to put up a slideshow. It's very cute. :)