Monday, October 27, 2008

Spooner Farms 2008

We went with our HFG (Bible study) to Spooner Farms - my favorite corn maze! They always have a different theme (this year it was Narnia) and it's so much fun to find the characters and hidden mailboxes throughout the corn. We had a race against our other HFG family friends. They casually walked through the maze as a group while we frantically pushed through the maze under Eben's fearless leadership. We lost. By a lot. But we had a ton of fun! We were so proud of Eben - guiding us through to every box and scene, Opal did super on Dada's back and Jasper and Kivi didn't whine once! Afterward we all went out to pizza.

Finding the beaver's den!

Trying to find all of the hidden mailboxes.

Corn mazes are new for me since moving to Washington and I love them. I try to do one every year. I love having this as a family tradition! It encourages family loyalty, adventure, determination, and when going through the dark tunnels - trust.


Mashel said...

What? Now you aren't only blogging, but you are scrapbooking too! I don't believe it! Crazy! Even if it is digital, it is still scrapbooking!

Tiffany said...

Way to go, Abby!!!! Great pics and I do love that Smilebox! Fun stuff! I've enjoyed getting caught up on the blog! Love you guys!