Monday, October 20, 2008

Jasper's 2nd Birthday!

Jasper David Johnson, lovingly known to all as "Bubba", turned 2 on September 20th! We had his Truck party at Rainier View Christian Church. It was supposed to be an outside tailgate party, but rain changed our plans. So we used the big indoor kid's room and set up "Bubba's Car Wash",  "Jasper D's Auto" a repair shop, and "JJ's Gas Station". The kids loved it and drove all their little cars around the big room stopping at the different stations and running into each other. 

Mama and her big 2 year old.

Grandma and Opie Girl.

Bubba behind the wheel.

This car is too full!

Our little family at the gas station.

Kivi teaching Opal how to drive in their matching dresses.

Although it looks like we are trying to burn up our son, we are actually positioning him to blow out the candle. It took him so long to blow them out!

Nathaniel, Cooper, Eben, Kivi, Jack and Jasper eating their truck cupcakes.

Dada and Bubba at the repair shop.

Jasper and his little driving friends.

Happy Birthday our little trucker!  (Actually, Bubba is a really good trucker name.) You bring such joy to our lives! You are such a fun, cuddly, happy boy and we love you so much! 

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Tiffany said...

It was such a fun par-tay! Thanks for always being so creative. Good times, girl... good times.