Saturday, October 25, 2008

Things I Want To Remember

These are things we do a lot and at some point I know I will forget them unless, they are somewhere for me to see and spark memories deep in my brain. I have a VERY bad memory. So since these things also happened the second week of October and fit in my chronological family blog, I thought I would mention them. And if the internet is still around, and this blog is too when I'm 60, I'll be happy I put these in here.

This is how we retrieve our trash can. It's a long haul down our lengthy driveway, so we hook the can to the back of Eben's 4-wheeler and off he goes.

We build lots of forts! Almost every other day ALL the cushions get taken off the flowered couches and piled in a new way on the living room floor. Confession: I let my kids jump on the flowered couches. Although I've tried to teach them that we don't jump on other people's couches. But I have a feeling at some point they'll be told to treat things they way they do at home and start jumping all over stuff. Oh well. I've always wanted to jump on couches.

Opal in her jumpy seat. Kivi got her all beautiful and she was so happy to jump around.

Kivi and her Boo Boo Puppy. Nonnie got all the kids a Build-A-Bear for their first birthday, although, she waited until they were about 2 before she went with them to build it. Kivi is definitely the most attached to hers. Although Eben sleeps with his Space Froggy and Bubba likes Bubba Bear, Kivi takes (or begs to take) Boo Boo Puppy everywhere we go.

This video is a new thing that the kids started doing this fall. They drag their cars up to the garage and race down the hill. This day the Schock kids were over and they did it over and over. Poor Jasper dumped his car, but he survived and got back on.  


Tiffany Nevil said...

RE: your post on my blog with the pumpkin silly...that's the postcard from the gift shop!

Andy or Bethesda said...

So are you pregnant with the 5th yet??? I haven't been on in awhile so I may have missed something...

Mashel said...

Ok, so I watched the video before I read the little paragraph about the fact that Grace and Nathaniel were over that day, and I truly wondered how you got Opal to ride the jeep power wheels! In the video you can't really see who is in it, you can only see 4 vehicles all take off at the same time! Too funny!