Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Puyallup Fair -Take 2!

My Aunt Louise and Uncle Gene came and stayed with us September 14-16th. So on the 15th we took them to the Puyallup Fair! This time we brought the kids too and Grandma and Grandpa. And we focused more on animals and rides this round. 

Here we are in the petting zoo!

With all the kids in there it's amazing that we got 2 pictures with all four of our kids and no one else's. The poor animals were swarmed by sticky little fingers all day. All they wanted to do was get out of there. But, petting the animals is a fair experience. So, get your gooey hands all over those animals kids! (My kids with gooey hands! - Never!)

The Autotopia Ride that the kids picked out to ride.

Kivi and Bubba went all by themselves! Here they are getting buckled in. Eben went in the next car with a kid he met in line.

The riders. We bought tickets to send the kids on 1 ride, but the nice carnies wouldn't take my tickets for 2 of the rides so we got to go on more!

Jasper the Grasper. Digging Dada's eyeballs out.

The motorcycle ride that Eben and Kivi rode. Jasper was going to go, but freaked out, so I had to take him off.

So he and I and Dada went in the hot air balloon ride.

Our whole fair gang, minus Dada, whose taking the picture. (I got my cotton candy - hurray!)

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