Friday, December 26, 2008

Being Snowed In, Got Us Out

We were snowed in from December 19th - 24th, but we took advantage of the time we had to get out and enjoy the snow!

Our first snow outing of the year was a short 15 minute walk on December 19th. We tried pulling all the kids on one sled, but Opal fell off and Bubba cried, so we found a saucer and stuck Bubba on it, strapped them all in and Peter carried Opal. We just walked up our street, to get the kids used to the sleds.

Mama pulling the sleds.

Dada and his snow baby, Opal.

Jasper and his yellow saucer.

Dada and Eben went for a 5 hour night walk the next day. Eben got some much needed alone time with Dada and got to use his headlight. Double bonus!

On Dec. 21 right after breakfast, we pulled the kids on the sleds on a mile walk to Pierce College and sledded with Grace, Nathaniel and John. Then we walked back to the Schock's house where Shari had home made chili and cornbread waiting for us. We played and hung out until dark watching the snow fall and drinking hot cocoa, and then walked back home again in the much deeper snow. It was the most relaxing winter day!

The view of our yard from our door on Dec. 22nd.

On the morning of the 22nd, we brought the snow in to us. We made snowmen, snowplanes, snow jetskis, and cooked snow on the kitchen table. It kept the kids busy for 2 hours!!! And they didn't get cold. We spent the rest of the evening sledding until bedtime forced us back into the house.

Dada and Opal sledding the next night, Dec. 23rd.

Here's the perfect sledding hill that we found right outside our house:


Anonymous said...

What a magical, winter wonderland right in your own yard! How great that you made so many fond memories and have all of these fun pictures. Love, Nonnie

Anonymous said...

December looks so fun at your house! I wish I could stay home with my guys and do all these fun activities!

I especially loved Kivi's cookie-making - :)

Tiffany said...

Look at all those snow babies!!! How fun!!! Miss you guys! Let's get together SOON!!!!

Davidson said...

Fun to get in here and catch up with what you're family has been up to. I'm VERY jealous of all your snow (why didn't it snow when we lived there??). Andy and the kids however are loving our Christmas fun in the sun.
Glad to see you guys are doing so well.