Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thank You, God - For Our Family!

My family was able to come up from California for the whole week of Thanksgiving! We didn't do very much in the way of activities - Peter had to work, and the kids had their naps - but we did do lots of shopping. Which normally is not my favorite thing, but my sisters, Shmee (AKA - Dodie or Shannon) and Buggy (really Nicole) played "What Not To Wear" in my closest and threw out most of my wardrobe. So my very generous Mamacita took us shopping and bought me some new outfits. Yes, I now own a pair of black leggings - straight from the '80's, and "skinny jeans" which both my sisters said was a must right now. Actually, they look pretty cute with my boots (a purchase they talked Peter into buying for me last Christmas). 

Mostly, we just relaxed, played with kids, watched TV and had competitions - something the Tague family is never for lack of.

Buggy and Eben painting with pudding.

Mimi pushing Kivi and Jasper in their "boat".

Our Thanksgiving dinner! The most stressful, but fun, Thanksgiving ever - more on that later.

Here is a cutie video of our dancing Opal. Eben's robot, courtesy of our friends the Wileys, can entertain her for about a half hour! A really long time for a 10 month old. It looks like it has nothing to do with the Thanksgiving festivities, but it happened that week, so here it is.

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Mashel said...

Opie's dancing is too cute! Her and Hannah will have to take Ballet together! Our two dancing girls.
Hey check out this super cute idea on my friend Teri's blog. (she comes to MOPS) I know that you like to do fun projects with your kids, so you should try this one.