Saturday, November 23, 2013

Spooner Farms Corn Maze 2013!

Every year one of my favorite fall activities is going to the corn maze, so when Dada suggested we go this year we excitedly got dressed up in our fall attire. (I usually make the girls fall dresses, but didn't this year because fall dresses of the past fit them fine!) Then we headed out to have breakfast at Elmer's for some Dutch Babies! Peter also makes great ones, but they're time consuming and take all of our pans. We got to Spooner just as 7 buses of kids came! It wasn't that bad though, they didn't do the corn maze. After Peter bought our tickets and yummy pumpkin spice chocolate caramel balls we took our traditional kid's fall picture on the bench (it used to be a cow and before that there were giant pumpkins). 

The theme this year was Eye Spy Monster Maze. It was a lot like Monsters Inc. but not. The entrance was a lime green tunnel with huge soft eyeballs.

We love Spooner Farms for many reasons, but mainly because their corn maze has a theme and a goal. This year it was to find all the monsters hiding in the maze and scratch off their picture, so we could unscramble the revealed letters to get a prize.

The maze also has many fun hidden surprise scenes like this giant eyeball foot.

The big 4 showing off their progress. We all stick together but the big kids do like to go ahead and then come right back and tell us where to go.

My loving littles. He loves her more than so much. It's so cute, especially if she wants to love him back.

I just really loved this pic of Opes. She did enjoy finding mud puddles with her pink boots on and there were plenty to find.

Pella made it the whole way through! Even though she did have to be carried part of the time due to crankiness. And Dada loves her so much he put her on his shoulders even with her very muddy boots on.

Sweet sisters. She preferred holding hands and going slowly with Opal.

We found a Woolly Bear this year too! Kivi loves them.

Eben the gentleman, holding the door for all of his siblings.

When we had found all of the monsters we each got a giant candy eyeball prize!


Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! So many cute pictures in this post!!! I love those cute outfits, the modelesque picture of Opal, and cutie little Pella!! oh my word, just too much!! Love you guys!!

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