Sunday, September 15, 2013

Buggy and Kirk's Big Day!

After everyone was ready and everything was set up we took some before the wedding photos. 
Here's the whole wedding party:

All of us with Buggy and Uncle Kookie

The Tague Girls

This is what the kids did while waiting for their turn to be in pictures. Sadly the bear ripped up the tule in the girl's dresses, but it wasn't that noticeable.

They found all the metal statues around.
The wedding began and all the kids walked down the isle! At the last minute I switched the flower petals in Pella's little basket for fruit loops. Everyone thought she was eating the petals as she walked down and cracked up. It worked though and she was happy. Berg carried down an heirloom Bible, the girls tossed rose petals and Eben and Jasper held a sign that said, "Here comes the bride". They sat with Poppie, Nonnie and Mimi during the rest of the wedding and did pretty good!

Buggy was so beautiful!

Afterwards we took some more photos and came right back in to the outdoor room decorated in antiques, lace and burlap and had a delicious pulled pork meal and enjoyed the ice cream bar. Peter spent most of the time driving a very cranky Pella around in the van, but she had made it though the ceremony and that was the important part. The kids had so much fun, there was a big play ground right next to the reception and loved playing with their cousins. (Pella was done posing for pictures from the beginning, but early on I put my expectations out of my mind, so I was ok with it. The photographer actually got some of her happy and got our family photo, something I didn't even think happened!) 
It was a beautiful, love-filled day.

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