Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fourth of July 2014

This 4th of July was so different from any of our others. We didn't have a party. The first time in 8 years! We decided to have a relaxing afternoon, go to the Steilacoom parade, and invite a family over for dinner knowing that more people would probably show up for the fireworks show. We had our friends, the Millers, over for dinner. Like we thought more people did show up for the evening show. We tried to send off the lanterns like we did the year before, but it was too windy and had to stop when one got stuck in a tree. The boys loved lighting off all the fireworks this year and did most of them. I don't even think I got to light off a big one! Berg and Pella had fun lighting their little bottle rockets and the big kids and I loved the ladybugs, huge sparklers and as always, roman candles. We got two family pictures this day!! Pella is covered by my head in one and a firework in the other - oh well. One great idea Peter came up with was lined the dock and walls with red and white paper bags that the kids filled with sand and put a candle in. Everyone around the lake could see them. They were really beautiful.

Fourth of July - Day

Fourth of July - Night

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