Wednesday, September 4, 2013

California Horses

We left for California on Kivi's birthday, July 14th, the week after our church's VBS week. On the drive down we gave Kivi her birthday present - Heely's. It was probably not the best timing for the gift since she could only hold them on her lap while we drove and then got frustrated when she tried them at rest stops because it's hard to get the hang of, but Dada was too excited to give them to her.  (Now they can ride through Costco together.) We got to Poppie and Nonnie's late or actually really early in the morning on Monday. The next day my cousin, Fifi, took us to ride her horses.

We groomed them, saddled them, and fed them watermelon.

 Then we went on a little trail ride!

There were two horses to ride so first Opal and Berg went.

Next, Jasper and Pella got a turn.

Then Eben and Kivi got to go.

On the way back they all wanted to ride doubles and lead the horses without an adult. Oooohhh! So risky!

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