Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nonnie and Poppie's Pool

While we were in CA the kids probably went swimming everyday. It was really hot. We only took pictures of them in the pool for the first couple of days.  On Monday, the first day we all got in pool:

Pella is a scary pool baby. She has no fear. She is daring. She loves the water and thinks she can swim. If we weren't there to save her she would have drowned herself about 20 times over and over.  But she can blow bubbles!

On Wednesday, the third day we were there, this happened:

Apparently the kids were using a brick as a pool toy.

Don't worry she was fine. Right after her crazy looking injury, she was blowing out candles on yummy ice cream birthday cake that Aunt Sherri made since she spent her actual birthday in the car the whole time.

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