Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Prep in CA

 Thursday in CA the girls went to a nail salon and got our nails did. Kivi and Opal and Shmee got their nails painted, I got a pedicure and Buggy got the works!

The girls wanted to stay by her side and watch the whole time. That night was the rehearsal for the wedding and the rehearsal dinner, which was soooo good! It was outside and even had a garden area and bench swing right where we were dining so the kids could play and roam a little.

On Friday night, Shmee and I threw Buggy a lingerie bachelorette party with a twist. We had her guests make her the lingerie at the party with material they had to pick without seeing out of a paper bag. They had to design, cut, and sew their creations by a strict deadline - Project Runway style. The teams came up with the cutest little "outfits" ever and bold little Bug modeled them all for us and then chose a winning team. She chose the dark maroon, velvet, heart shaped one that came with a matching headband. But since those photos are now for Kirk's eyes only I will post this racy picture of what the guys did during Kirk's bachelor party, which they had at the apartment where Kirk and Buggy would live together as husband and wife, and was going on at the same time. Buggy was not so glad that her soon to be marriage bed was being defiled. They sent a photo text during our party.

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