Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shilo Bible Camp and The DeyArmins

My friend, Drea, invited us to come to the county to spend time with their family and go to their day camp while I was at our church's women's retreat. I'm so glad I said, "yes"! We had a great time living the country life the week of June 23rd and learning how to be more natural and healthy. We went on walks, hikes, did lots of laundry, ate Drea's all from scratch food, met Sammy (our bread starter), broke a table, played with kittens, found a dead kitten, and my favorite - used a compost toilet (not at the DeyArmins)! Between mine, theirs and their niece, we had 11 kids and it couldn't have been more pleasant.

Everyday the seven big kids would pack up with me and we'd go have fun at Shilo Bible Day Camp learning about the Armor of God while Drea stayed at home with the four little ones. At camp we played games, ate snack while watching a puppet musical, did crafts, watched a skit, ate lunch and while watching a puppet show, sang songs, acted in skits and walked around the pool (it was too cold to actually swim). Then we'd pack up and come home to Mama DeyArmin who did our laundry and made us dinner. I loved having a Mama that week! We slept out in our friend's trailer that we parked in their front yard and fell asleep to the sound of rain every night.

Thanks, DeyArmins, for the special week and thanks Ericksons for the trailer!

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Drea said...

Love this post! Loved that week!
Thank you, Johnsons!