Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Seal Beach with Cousins

On Wednesday of our CA adventure, we went to see my cousin and her kiddos who were in the States from Dubai for family weddings. The little kids dug a big hole in the sand, while the two big boys, Lars and Eben worked on their sand village. We took a picture of all of them in the hole.

My cousin, Kenzie, and I at the beach.

Opal was a very brave girl that day. She jumped waves with Jasper, and even got buried in the sand.

Berg was not so brave, after he got wet, he was not so happy with the wind and stayed cuddled up in a towel eating life cereal most of the time.

Even Eben, who said there was no way he was going in the water so he didn't bring his bathing suit, got in with all of his clothes on!