Wednesday, September 4, 2013


My friend, Drea, gave us a pet, Sammy. He's our bread starter and we keep him in the fridge. We have to feed him everyday, but in return he makes us delicious bread and rolls, and raisin bread and cinnamon rolls, pizza crust and anything you can think up! We all love Sammy! The only downside is you have to wait a whole day for him to rise before you bake the bread so you have to plan ahead. I'm trying to get better at making bread first thing in the morning so my poor hubby doesn't have to get up at one in the morning and bake bread for me! He's so sweet! Right after this we went to CA and I had to find a babysitter for it! I divided it in two and got two babysitters for almost 3 weeks! I was sure they'd be dead when I got back so I got more from Drea, but amazingly Miss Niki kept him alive! Thank you Niki for watching Sammy for us!

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Drea said...

My sourdough grandchildren--- I'm SO proud!