Monday, March 13, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016!

This Christmas Eve, Peter had a great idea! We woke all the kids up early and headed to the Seattle Sheridan to see their display of amazing gingerbread houses. I can't believe he's never told me about this before. It was so great! The sculptures were beautiful, and to make it even better - the six "houses" (if you could call them that, they were actually pieces of edible art) were all Harry Potter themed this year! A sculpture for each book. So it kind of felt like they were created just for us, that, and the fact that we got there so early in the morning we were just about the only ones there to see them. Mama and the girls wore our last year jammie pants, knowing that tonight we would open our new ones.  Then Dodie and Uncle Cheese and Kookie and Buggy met us there.
After walking around the display a couple of times, (each time seeing something totally new because there was so much detail in each piece) we walked down to Pike Place Market for some yummy donuts and then Shmee took me to the Crumpet Shop and I had my first ever crumpet. Both were pretty wonderful! It was a sweet morning.

Our daily morning advent traditions for the month of December only changed a little this year, we just had to add two more advent activities because Tuffy was ready to join the fun and I took out the "wait" day. So now the activities are light the advent wreath, have a cup of tea that morning at devotions, put the character on the nativity, serving jar, pick a prize out of the big stocking, light the tree and pick 3 candies out of a sock and share with 2 siblings. Of course the candy ones are always their favorites.
Christmas evening we went to church for candlelight service and had to sit in the foyer because it was so crowded, so it wasn't very dark for the candlelight part - the overhead lights were on most of the time. Then we came home and opened the traditional white boxes...
Surprise! Matching Christmas jammies! Mama made them out of sheets from Mimi.

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