Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Corn Maze 2016!

This year we brought Poppie and Nonnie along to Spooner Farms and Buggy and Kookie were able to drive down from their new place in Seattle to join us too!! Of course we got our annual Fall kid line up picture. Tuff wouldn't look at the camera, but he's kissing Coal, so that's cute.

We played in the little barn before we tackled the maze. The girls milked the plastic cow and we raced some rubber ducks.

Then we took our group photos...

and headed into the "Commotion in the Ocean" themed corn maze to try and find all of our hole punch stations and fun zones.

Tuff loved dancing in the muddy portions. Mama and Dada liked holding hands.

We found some fun things in the maze like an octopus, the coral reef, a boat, a shark and an underwater tunnel.

After we made it out successfully, we ate our lunch at the picnic tables. I think this might be the first time that Dada didn't have to wait for us all to finish by napping in the car with a baby!
Mama's Favorite Fall activity completed - check!

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