Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Eben's Man Ceremony!

On Oct. 25th we celebrated our boy becoming a man, publicly. All the studying, praying, talking and writing that Eben and Peter did together at Great Wolf Lodge was summed up in a pledge that Eben read in front of his friends and family at our church. I was actually surprised at how many came and supported our man in his quest to seek after God's heart in his life as a man of God.

Dada spoke and then Eben read his commitment to leadership, courageousness, truth, humility, purity and God. We gave him his purity ring (which both Peter and I received when we were 13) and the elders of the church all prayed over Eben.

It takes a village and Eben has an amazing one! Afterwards we had a reception with cobbler in the Friendship room.

Kissing our handsome man! Thirteen years has gone by lightning fast.
He's made this parenting thing so much fun!!

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