Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Demolition Day!

The day after Christmas we got busy with the hammers, axes, shop vac and all our combined brute strength to get rid of the wall between the living room and kitchen! Well, maybe it was more Dada and Poppie strength, but everyone participated! Mimi and Nonnie moved everything around in the kitchen so it would all fit without the cabinets we were knocking down.
And after removing the fridge and stove the cabinets started to come down. Then the kids got to get involved and were excited to help bust holes in the wall. 
Everyone got a chance to hammer a hole into the wall. 
The day after Christmas is also eat your gingerbread house day, so we took some breaks to do that too. Hey, it fit the Demolition Day theme!!
Eben and Kivi were super helpful at keeping the debris out of the way and hauling the tons of wood that was used in building this massive wall to the fire pit. All the kids helped, but that "strong chugginess" can only lift so much. Recharge the Chuggy with kisses!
Mama kept the fire going. Dada was "On FAHR!"Look at that hunk of a man, ripping down walls with his bare (sometimes gloved) hands!
The finished (well, not completely, but for this day - it's done.) project!! We can walk right through!!

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