Sunday, March 12, 2017

Remember December 2016!

Dec. 3rd - We hunted for our Christmas tree at the Family Farm with Buggy, Kookie, Dodie and Steve. Then I hosted a table with Cara for our church's Women's Tea.

Dec. 4th - We decorated the tree and tried out a new living nativity in Gig Harbor.
Dec. 9th - It snowed!! Jasper built a cute little snowman and we headed off to the Pacific Science Center to get the most out of our last month of our membership. We went more times in Dec. than any other month. This time we went with the Myhrbergs and another time Uncle Kookie met us there.

Dec. 10th - Every Saturday the big six have ballet. We started going because they had a free boys class in the summer and they loved it. Now the girls want in on the ballet action, but we have to pay for them, oh well, they love it!

Dec. 13th - Two cuddly babies after nap. 
Kangaroo Eben and Joey Tuff

Dec. 14th - Jasper helped Dada at the police station unload tons of donated food for people in need.

Dec. 15-16th - Kivi and Jasper film their Christmas movies,
Nonnie and Poppie come with basket of presents,
and more filming of Christmas movies.

Dec. 17th - We dressed up for Dada's Amazing Star Wars Rogue One Viewing Party!
Dada was Darth, Mama was an Ewok, Eben was , Kivi was Luke, Jasper was Han Solo, Opal was Aunt Beru and Berg was Obi Wan.

Our good sported friends dressed up too!

It's the only day you can have a light saber fight in the movie theater while listening to Uncle Jefé play the accordion .

Dec. 18th - Tuff and Pella sang the "Away in a Manger" song with the sheep hats on in church. Pella was the only one to do motions. That night we hosted one of the middle school Great Snowman Hunt stops where the kids had to knock down water bottles with ice from a sling shot.

Dec. 20th - We hosted this years Gingerbread Party! We made our Gingerbread Bethlehem again and Pella had the stable this time and Eben created a new building with a ramp to the roof.

Dec. 21st - Mimi came to visit for Christmas! Peter and I put on the Family Christmas Pageant at our church. We love this simple retelling of Christ's birth straight from Luke 2. All the kids dress up and all the parents and grandparents sing along as Peter plays guitar and I tell the kids when to say their lines and go on stage.
Eben and Kivi were shepherds, Jasper was the star, Opal and Berg were wisemen, Pella was a cow and Tuff and Coal were sheep.

Dec. 22nd - We had our own family Candlelight Christmas Worship time.

Whenever Dada gets out his guitar, Tuffy has to play (and dance) along.

Dec. 23rd - Dada made us Christmas tree pancakes! And later we decorated our gingerbread selves so we could make a Johnson Gingerbread Family. (I like Eben's licorice representation of his long red hair.)

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