Sunday, March 12, 2017

November 2016

Nov. 3rd - Build-A-Bear with Poppie and Nonnie for Tuff! He chose a bear and named him Doo Dah.

Nov. 6th - We invited our church over to our house for a Soup Night.

Nov. 8th - Peter planned a fantastic party at Steel Creek for my 40/41st combined birthday because when I actually turned 40 we had just moved in and it was crazy around here. I felt very loved and had a great time dancing with my hot hubby and all our fun friends!

Nov. 13th - Puzzle Mania! Jodi and I decided to challenge each other to a puzzling duel and brought some other families in on the contest. A day of racing each other to see who could complete identical puzzles the fastest. Sadly, my team lost the puzzle race, but we had fun anyway! We had a soup dinner and the kids created the infamous horror flick "DoomDah", which we watched on the big screen and are now forever terrified of babies and bunnies.

Nov. 20th - Buggy and I take Shmee on a Baby Shopping Spree at JBF!

Nov. 24-27th - We return to our old ways of staying overnight for Thanksgiving! It wasn't a hotel like the old days, we were able to stay in our friends' condo in Ocean Shores. The table was even big enough for us all to eat a turkey dinner!

The girls had a room and Mama and Dada had a room and the boys slept in the living room. 
Everyone liked watching movies in the Mama/Dada bed.

We tried to go out and go and do some things, but it rained torrentially while we were there. So the big kids when to the beach once, we went to a museum, got the ice cream and drove around looking at houses and tons of deer. (One even came right up and licked my hand!) But we mainly played games and watched movies in the condo.

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