Sunday, March 12, 2017

Harry Potter Harvest Carnival

This year the kids all voted for Harry Potter - The Sorcerer's Stone themed costumes! Ten costumes is quite a commitment. It took a LOT of work for Mama this year, finding the right sizes of gray sweaters and pants, making ties, sewing the hugest jacket ever and making the paper maché Voldemort on the back of Quirrell's hat, but she pulled it off. I do love how the kids work together to come up with our theme and each of them chooses who they are going to be, usually without any fighting or arguing. Of course it was a given that Dada would be Hagrid and he made some amazing tall boots to make himself even taller. He looked like a real giant! We got dressed, Poppie and Nonnie helped take all of our pictures and we headed over to our church's Harvest Carnival.

We always take our picture first so we don't mess up our costumes before we can get it documented.
We ate our corndogs in the Friendship Room and played some great new carnival games in the gym. It did feel even more crowded if that's possible. But we got through the lines fast enough and were able to talk to our friends while waiting.
This year we decided to also serve. We usually just play about 6-8 games and go on home. But we stayed till closing time helping out at the cupcake walk. Mamacita (I think she was the Police Fairy.) and Dada Hagrid ran it most of the time and the kids helped hand out cupcakes, or eat them, one of those helpful things. (You can see the back of Jasper's Quirrell head with Voldemort out the back.)
Uncle Cheese, Dodie, Kookie and Buggy even came down to play at the Harvest Carnival for a while and then back at home surprised us with the news that Shmee is pregnant!! The kids were excited for both amazing things of the night: eating tons of candy and a new cousin on the way.

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