Friday, March 24, 2017

Into the New Year

Grandma and Grandpa took us all to Whidbey Island to stay in a 100 year Colonel's house for our after Christmas trip. It was cold, cold, cold! We tried to go do some adventurous things, like see the bunkers, sling shot on the beach, practice archery, but none of our attempts lasted long. We froze!
We mainly spent our time inside the old house at the very long dining room table puzzling, playing games or watching shows.

The beginning of January we did lots of indoor rock climbing, following our normal homeschool schedule, Tuffy wanting to go potty on the potty chair (although I'm not potty training him) and Eben threw a Jello party for his siblings.
It's been very cold! So we tried freezing bubbles one not rainy day. It was very fun to watch them freeze and when you pop them they slowly melt.

We've also been going to the Children's Museum in Olympia a lot since Grandma and Grandpa got us a membership for Christmas. There is always so much to do there.
Jan. 13th we hosted Jessica's Women's Clothes Swap. Kivi was able to come too and she found some cute stuff!
Jan 15th the girls kayaked in the frozen lake and the boys hot tubbed while watching shows in our portable hot tub that we put back into our room.
Jan. 19th
Dada took Eben skiing with some friends and they had a fantastic time especially since it was suppose to rain but ended up being clear, not that many people were on the mountain.
Jan. 23rd We went to the capitol building for the March for Life rally. It was a different experience, but we really loved standing with so many people who also love babies and the gift of life, praying for our country, a change of heart for our leaders and our nation and for all who have ever had an abortion for healing and forgiveness. What was interesting was the "other" side yelling, chanting, screaming - hating. If they had heard the words of our speakers they would have heard peace, love, forgiveness, praying, singing and hope.

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